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The industry leader in infrastructure solutions, Mears Advanced Technology Group provides a complete Modular Data Center solution with comprehensive design and development services, custom deployment options and technology expertise.


Turn-key Modular Data Center Solution & Advanced Immersion Cooling Technology

Our advanced immersion cooling approach to modular data centers allows for expedited infrastructure design and development with leading-edge immersion cooling technology as a turn-key solution. Building a customized modular-immersion cooling data center with MATG provides you with a full team of project management and integration specialists combined with the latest network technology in data center development.

Each facility features efficient modular design and immersion cooling technology that significantly reduces capital and operational expenses, improves performance and hardware reliability, and has the ability to operate in confined spaces or extreme environments – all with a speedy time to market.

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Modular Data Center Design & Development

  • Modular design services
  • Site preparation
  • Project management

Immersion Cooling

  • High density > 1,400W cubic feet
  • Two-phase cooling fluids
  • HPC enterprise & GPU solutions

Data Center Repurpose

  • Immersion in existing DC location
  • Edge & 5G deployments
  • HPC enterprise & GPU solutions

Committed to the Environment

Much of Quanta’s work supports the carbon neutral future. This work spans multiple sectors and includes upgrading the resiliency of the power grid, constructing renewable generation interconnections and battery storage, and installing electric+C35 vehicle charging infrastructure and other electrification efforts, as well as gas distribution system modernization, safety and methane emission reduction programs and pipeline integrity services.

Additionally, Quanta has a reputation for strict compliance with environmental regulations and being a responsible steward of the environment. As a result, we are often selected for some of the most environmentally sensitive projects: renewable electric transmission projects designed to meet renewable portfolio standards, utility work that supports system modernization and efficiency programs and natural gas pipelines constructed to reduce carbon emissions and support growing renewable generation. Several of the customers we provide environmental and technological support for rank as top sustainable companies.

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