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Our History

For over half a century, we've delivered unparalleled services to our clients, their customers and our shared communities.

We’ve continually grown our knowledge base, capabilities and geographic reach so we can anticipate and adapt quickly to changing markets and client needs. When you choose Mears, you gain industry-wide perspective, innovative technologies and decades of experience.

2020 marked the 50th anniversary of Mears Group. Originally started as a small, family-owned business, we have grown to more than 2,500 employees who span across multiple markets, making us the industry-leading energy infrastructure solutions provider we are today. We are a company that was built by the people, and together we strive towards one common goal – providing excellent service to our customers. Since joining Quanta in 2000, we have access to specialized workforces with decades of experience, industry-leading equipment and invaluable niche training resources. This relationship also allows us to self-perform more than 85% of our work, collaborating with our customers to provide cost, certainty, and safety.




The Story Begins: A Humble Foundation

Rosebush, Michigan: Herbert L. Fluharty establishes Fluharty Engineering—civil engineering and land surveying for the municipal, realty, and private sectors.


U.S.A. Expansion on Service and Reach

Fluharty Engineering takes on Dow Chemical USA for pipeline construction projects and expands its service footprint in the Midwest through pipeline engineering


An Era of M.E.A.R.S.

Herb Fluharty sells part of Fluharty Engineering to Welded Construction Company to his uncle, Hank Mogg, to become MEARS Engineering: Management, Engineering Accounting, Rental, Sales


We are a Solutions Provider

Dow Chemical collaborates with Mears to assist with cathodic protection problems on its pipeline system resulting in Mears performing close-interval surveys to identify poor or low cathodes protection on pipelines.


Leaders in Pipeline Integrity

After the acquisition of Welded Construction, Mears—led by founder Herbert Fluharty—focuses on pipeline integrity and engineering.


National Attention for Programing Services

Working with emerging micro-computers programmers, Mears creates a complete cathodic protection data management system targeting the needs of pipelines companies resulting in national attention and opening the door to providing cathodic protection services.


Anodeflex Niche: An Installation System

For Transcontinental Gas Pipe Line Corporation, Mears develops an installation system to carry the carbon-based backfill to surround the AnodeFlex.


A New Step: HDD Markets Leadership

Mears expands its services into Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) to install AnodeFlex in environmentally sensitive areas. Mears becomes one of the largest and respected HDD contractors in the world—completing crossings over 11,000 feet in length, and installing pipe sizes up to 60-inches in diameter including long, complicated intersects.


Telecommunication and Rail Plowing Specialization

Mears leverages its HDD and pipeline construction expertise to become one of the largest long-haul telecommunication contractors in the country, specializing in rail-plowing and specialized services.


Patenting the Rehabilitation System Process

Mears’ Herbert, Scot & John Fluharty develop and perfect a patented plowed system of installation for AnodeFlex, thus recognizing Mears as the preferred designer/installer of this rehabilitation system.


Global Expansion: South America

Armed with expert growth in Pipeline Integrity, Horizontal Directional Drilling, and Telecom Construction, Mears expands operations to South America with offices in Buenos Aires, Argentina and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.


Quanta Advantage: Teamwork

To tackle larger, more complex projects, Mears joins forces with Quanta—the largest infrastructure provider (power, telecom, pipeline solutions) in North America.


Family Business: Traditional Values

Founder Herb Fluharty hands the reigns to son, Scot Fluharty, as President & Chief Executive Officer of Mears.


Herbert L. Fluharty Training & Testing Facility

Mears dedicates state-of-the-art 15,000-square-foot NACE-approved training facility—Herbert L. Fluharty Training & Testing Facility—specially designed for rig-testing and pipeline integrity training.


Record Setting Pipeline Drill

Mears completes a record-setting drill—7,357 linear feet, 24-inch steel pipeline under the Elizabeth River—as part of the Hampton Roads Crossing for a major gas company in Virginia.


Gas Distribution Construction Services

As a leading underground solutions provider, Mears expands its reach by partnering with some of the largest gas distribution utility companies in North America thanks to garnering operations of several Quanta Services sister companies.


NACE Award Winner

Mears receives the NACE Distinguished Organization Award for outstanding contributions in the field of corrosion science, engineering or a major technological contribution in either field.


Training The Best in the Industry

Quanta Services opens The Lazy-Q Ranch training facility in La Grange, Texas for hands-on instruction from master trainers focusing on safety, skill development and certifications as well as custom-solution pipeline training for challenging projects.


Leading the Way with Innovation- NO-SET™

Mears develops NO-SET™ with a unique, quick-acting, thixotropic, non-cementitious, thermal grout to completely occupy annular spaces between casings and conduits. NO-SET™ was implemented on a major electrical project in Florida.


Solutions Provider: Direct Pipe® Tech

Mears adds more trench-less solutions to its HDD capabilities with Direct Pipe® for the oil, gas, electrical and water/wastewater industries.


JW Pipeline Joins Mears

Jim Walton’s JW Pipeline Integrity Services, LLC of Dallas, Texas joins the Mears Family to better serve the needs of its expanding client base.


Pipeline & Facilities Division

Mears further expands its capabilities by creating a Pipeline & Facilities Division focused on the construction of Oil & Gas Pipeline and Gathering Systems.


Engineering Services Division

In 2018, Mears restructured internal resources to start an Engineering Division specifically focused on providing engineering, design and project management services to utilities and pipeline operators.


Celebrating 50 years of Excellence

Mears celebrates 50 years of providing industry-leading infrastructure solutions thanks to our employees’ commitment to provide excellent services to our customers.

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