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Mears celebrated its 50 year anniversary in 2020. Originally started as a small, family-owned business,
we have grown to the industry-leading energy infrastructure solutions provider we are today.
We are a company that was built by thepeople, and together we strive towards one common goal
– providing excellent service to our customers.


The Capacity Model creates a work environment that focuses on preventing an incident while
also building the capacity for failure by always planning and executing our work as if
failure is going to happen today.


Safety is ingrained in our culture, and we have created an environment in which all our
employees have the opportunity and obligation to take ownership of not only their safety,
but that of their coworkers as well.


Mears has access to the Quanta Advanced Training Center at the Lazy Q Ranch in La Grange, Texas.
This 2,300 acre converted ranch provides hands-on instruction from master trainers in a controlled
environment, where the focus is on safety and skill development.


We are dedicated to bringing all of our people home each day, and that means having support from
the top down. To demonstrate our commitment to our employees, the Quanta Commitment Coin is
awarded to those employees who exemplify safe work habits and their commitment to safety.


The goal of our Automated External Defibrillator (AED) program is to increase the rate of survival
for people who have sudden cardiac arrests. The AED program is designed to provide equipment and
training to enhance life safety response measures.


A unique set of solutions for our gas and pipeline customers that covers pipeline construction
(transmission and distribution), horizontal directional drilling, pipeline integrity,
and automated pipeline welding.


From our beginnings in pipeline engineering, we have grown to become one of the largest energy
infrastructure service providers in America. With a commitment to the health and safety of our people,
customers, contractors and the communities we serve, Mears is a partner you can trust to safely to
build the infrastructure that powers our nation.

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