Renewable Natural Gas (RNG, Biomethane, Biogas)

Renewable natural gas (RNG) is an ultra-clean and ultra-low carbon (and often carbon negative) natural gas alternative. As the energy industry continues to shift investments to RNG, Mears stands ready to support our customers and their RNG development goals.

A Partner You Can Trust for Your RNG Goals

As organic waste breaks down, it emits methane gas called biogas, which can be processed, upgraded and/or blended with or used in place of traditional natural gas. RNG derived from organics such as manure from dairy cows, swine or poultry; food waste; wastewater treatment plant sludge; or landfills can all be upgraded to natural gas pipeline quality standards. With a comprehensive portfolio of services, we can assist during any phase of your RNG project, from the beginning stages through construction and commissioning.

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