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National Intern Day 2021: Celebrating the Future

National Intern Day is a day to recognize and celebrate interns – the future leaders of our world. At Mears, we recognize that internships are more than a line item on a resume – it’s an opportunity to gain real life, hands-on experience in the workplace.

Launched in 2017 by WayUp, a career platform for U.S. college students and recent graduates, the goal of the holiday is to “bring attention to the challenges and inequalities that entry-level candidates face in the workforce.” According to Forbes, since its inception National Intern Day been the #1 trending topic worldwide on social media platforms like Twitter, which means it’s definitely an important topic.

Looking to the future is an increasingly important priority for many companies, including Mears. This year we want to highlight a few of our talented and hard-working summer interns. With a variety of different interests, hobbies, and reasons for pursuing their specific career, our interns made their mark on our organization.

Meet our finance intern, Amber Baker. She’s been a part of the Mears intern class since her junior year of high school. Now a junior finance major at The University of Texas at Austin, Amber credits her dad for her desire to pursue a career in finance. He is also a UT alumnus and inspired her to attend his alma mater. When asked about her experience in her three years interning at Mears, Amber said, “I’ve gotten to do a little bit of everything – payroll, finance and even HR. Interning is a great way to figure out what type of environment you want to work in and explore what you want to do.”

Getting real-world training in your future career while in college is a great advantage in getting ahead in the job market. It can also be an opportunity to participate in new experiences you never even thought possible. Field Engineering intern, Hayden Bivens, can attest to this. “The work is challenging, but the people make it an incredible learning experience. I have enjoyed being able to spend my time out in the field, which means being able to travel to new places,” he shared. Currently enrolled at Texas A&M University as a mechanical engineering major, Hayden is a diligent worker and a motivated problem solver.

Discovering your interests and hobbies early on can sometimes lead you to your future career like it did for our Software Development intern, Tate Ward. Tate, a computer science major at Rice University, discovered his interest in tech in middle school when by gaming on his laptop. When offered computer science courses in high school, he quickly enrolled. Tate’s advice to any future Mears intern is, “Don’t be afraid to ask others for help. Mears has a friendly environment, and everybody is always willing to help you out.”

Internships are a great experience for pre-career professionals but can also be an intimidating experience. We understand that interns are an investment in the future of the energy infrastructure industry, and Mears is proud to provide a friendly and inclusive environment that focuses on training and hands-on experience.

We are thankful for all the hard work our interns put in this summer and are excited to see them grow in their careers.

If you are a student looking for an opportunity to grow in your field, check out our student opportunities.

Mears Partners with U.S. Army’s PaYS Program

According to the U.S. Department of Defense nearly 1,300 service members and their families start the process of reintegrating into civilian life every day, which can certainly be a stressful and sometimes intimidating time. To help with this, the U.S. Army created the Partnership for Youth Success or PaYS Program for American businesses  to partner with active Army, Army Reserve, ROTC, and U.S. National Guard members.

What makes this partnership different from other military programs is its future-focused approach. “This program allows new service members to look to their future and make a plan years before they begin their transition into civilian careers,” said Stephanie Metzler, Mears’ Vice President of Workforce Development.

One of Mears’ goals is to strengthen the communities we serve by hiring, educating, and retaining our service men and women. To further our military commitment, Mears began a partnership with PaYS in August 2020. Through this partnership, Mears guarantees an interview with a possible offer of employment to candidates. This helps ease the stress that comes with finding career opportunities post-service by creating a clear plan of action to transition to civilian life through coaching and mentoring.

The official signing ceremony occurred on March 4, 2021 with Colonel LaTonya Jordan, Commander of the 5th Recruiting Brigade from the U.S. Army, and Vivek Arora, Mears’ Executive Vice President.

Arora explained, “At Mears, we not only offer smooth transition programs for our service members, but we offer the ability to continue the service mindset by serving the communities in which we operate.”

With a number of different roles offered across various departments, Mears can help PaYS members on their path to a successful civilian career. Metzler concluded, “These service members and their families sacrificed for our country, and at Mears, we have this amazing opportunity to ease the burden of reintegration by hiring them before they complete their transition out of the Army.”

Are you in the military and looking for a civilian career when your service ends? Check out our military opportunities.  

Women in Construction Week 2021: Stomping Out Stereotypes

What do you think of when you think of a construction worker? It’s a common misconception that construction work is all about manual labor. This perpetuates the stereotype that women do not belong in the industry. While women only comprised 10.9 percent of construction workers in a 2020 U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics survey, there is an increasing effort to help more women join the industry.

With over 115 chapters across the U.S., organizations like The National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC) work hard to offer education, support and networking opportunities for women in the industry. Mears also recognizes the importance of having a diverse and inclusive workforce and the valuable role women play in our industry and organization.

During this year’s Women in Construction week (March 7- 13), we recognized some of the women in our organization who inspire us and help to stomp out stereotypes. From laborers to project managers and everything in between, women hold roles in our organization that make a difference in the work we do. No matter if a seasoned construction veteran or a newcomer, all the women we spoke to agreed that women don’t need to feel intimidated and should trust that they can do the work.


While construction can be manually labor intensive depending on the role, that doesn’t make it off limits to women. Daniella Martinez is a 20-year-old pipe welder from our New Mexico office. She wants young women to know that they are just as capable of working in construction as men. In fact, she recently completed welding a 4-mile, 16-inch pipeline.


Demita Morgan, a General Foreman and six-year industry veteran, also chooses to challenge that stereotype. A recent graduate of our Leadership Academy, Morgan feels women are needed in the industry, and advises: “Don’t let stereotypes limit you – just give your 100 percent every day, and you’ll succeed.”



The goal of Women in Construction Week is to highlight women as an important part of the industry. Project Coordinator Dawn Washington likes to remind women that no industry is off limits. “There is a unique footprint that women bring to any space, and it is far beyond the stereotypical pretty face behind a desk,” she said.


Without a doubt, women play a crucial role in the work we do providing infrastructure solutions throughout America. With a variety of roles in construction, from engineers and project managers to welders and laborers, there is plenty of opportunity for women to find their calling.

Are you a woman interested in construction? Mears is always actively recruiting team members that reflect the many diverse communities we serve. Check out available positions and apply!