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Underground Electric Utilities Construction Services

Partner with an industry leader who has the experience, specialized personnel, and modern equipment required to deliver your next project.

Mears offers a full spectrum of underground infrastructure solutions, available across the United States through our network of more than 20 regional locations. With more than half a century of experience in designing, managing, and executing projects for clients across the energy industry, we provide the support you need to achieve your goals. Discover how Mears’ broad capabilities in electrical infrastructure helps our customers keep the lights on.

Tailored Underground Infrastructure Solutions for Your Business 

Choose a team that understands the challenges facing the electric power industry. Mears delivers safe, comprehensive solutions for companies in the electric distribution and transmission industry, including initial construction and installation of underground electric infrastructure to ongoing inspection, maintenance, fault location and repair. A nationwide presence and a proven track record for delivering value for our customers makes us a natural partner for companies looking to maximize their return on investment. 

Underground Electric Utilities Construction Services

From end-to-end delivery of new builds to precisely integrated additions to existing power grids, Mears has the underground construction expertise to help realize your next project. Our ongoing investment in specialized equipment and training has made Mears an enduring leader in infrastructure solutions, giving us the capabilities to manage even largest and most complex projects. 

A partner in every sense, Mears brings together engineering, administrative, and technical expertise to deliver the best results for our customers. Areas of expertise include: 

  • Underground electric distribution and transmission systems
  • Transformers, cables, switch gears, and conduit/duct banks
  • Vaults, HPFF pipe, and precast and field‐cast manholes
  • New build, installations, repairs/rebuilds, and maintenance
  • Adjustments, terminations, cutovers, splicing, and HDD
  • Project and program/contract management, and engineering

Expert Underground Infrastructure Inspection and Maintenance

At Mears, we understand that every second counts in the electric power industry, with downtime representing a significant risk to reputation and revenue. To help guard against unexpected and unwanted downtime, our partners can benefit from 24/7 emergency response service, minimizing disruptions and maximizing return on investment through timely, effective repair services. 

State-of-the-Art Underground Infrastructure Technologies

To better assist our customers achieve their goals, Mears has invested significantly in trenchless solutions. Dual expertise in horizontal directional drilling (HDD) and direct pipe technology equips us to deliver safe, economical projects and services for clients in a range of industries. 

Our highly skilled team is able to accurately and efficiently install underground electrical utilities across roads, railways, waterways, and through hard rock. In-house consulting and surveying expertise allow us to manage the project from end to end, ensuring the highest standards of safety and quality are maintained at every stage from initial planning to finalization. 

Discuss Your Next Project with Mears

We understand that each project is different. As such, we pride ourselves on taking a collaborative approach with every customer, leveraging a highly skilled workforce and cutting-edge equipment to develop comprehensive solutions that best meet your operational and financial requirements. Start a conversation with your local Mears representative to begin exploring how we can support you. 


Q: What underground infrastructure services does Mears offer?

Mears offers a broad range of specialized underground infrastructure services for customers across oil and gas, telecommunications, and electric generation and distribution. Our decades of experience and nationwide presence make us the partner of choice for projects such as underground fiber construction, horizontal directional drilling (HDD) for electric infrastructure, installation and maintenance of residential distribution networks, as well as all attendant project management, consulting, and surveying. Every job is unique, so we encourage interested organizations to contact use to gain a better understanding of how we can assist you. 

Q: What is the role of a journeyman lineman in electric underground utility construction?

A journeyman lineman is responsible for assisting with the installation, maintenance, testing, repair, and calibration of underground utilities. These duties can involve locating faults in residential distribution networks, restoring services damaged by inclement weather, repairing and adjusting manholes and other access points, and cable installation and splicing for new services, among others. This role frequently requires working in confined spaces and will often involve operating boring or other heavy machinery. 

Q: What technologies and equipment does Mears use for underground infrastructure solutions?

To deliver a more efficient, effective outcome for our clients and ensure a safer environment for our workforce, Mears makes use of modern equipment and technologies in delivering our underground infrastructure solutions. Offering both horizontal directional drilling (HDD) and direct pipe services, we provide reliable trenchless solutions for the installation of underground utilities across waterways, roads, railways, and other obstacles. We encourage enquiries about our capabilities – please contact your nearest Mears office to learn more. 

Q: How does Mears ensure the safety and quality of its underground infrastructure services?

At Mears, we know that how we imagine a project to go is often different from the reality. We’re in the people business, and we know that people are fallible. At every job site, we use the Capacity Model – building sufficient redundancy into our processes so that failure is both less likely to occur and less likely to result in harm. The Capacity Model allows us to confidently conduct work – including our underground infrastructure services – knowing that if failure were to happen, everyone gets to go home safely and with the opportunity to learn from the experience, reducing the risk of future incidents. 

Q: What benefits can businesses gain from Mears’s underground infrastructure solutions?

Choosing Mears to help support your underground infrastructure means working with a company with a proven track record for safety, quality, and innovation. For more than half a century, we’ve been a leading provider of services to the companies building America’s infrastructure. A wholly owned subsidiary of Quanta Services, partnering with Mears means gaining access to specialized workforces, industry-leading equipment, and niche training resources, enabling us to deliver unified infrastructure solutions for our customers.

Get in touch to learn more about our Underground Electric Utilities Construction Services services.

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