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Mears: Your Trusted Provider of Overhead Electrical Services

Put your next project in experienced hands. For more than half a century, Mears has been helping to power businesses and homes throughout North America, providing the expertise and ingenuity needed to deliver the most demanding infrastructure projects.

Mears has been providing utility construction services for decades, always working to deliver reliable, quality support for our customers. Strong ongoing investment in our people and equipment with a focus on specialized training give us unique capabilities in the industry, ensuring that even highly complex overhead electrical projects can be completed safely, efficiently, and to spec. In-house surveying, engineering, and project management expertise allow us to develop and implement solutions to fit every project through more than 20 Mears locations located nationwide. 

Explore the range of solutions Mears offers the electric distribution and transmission industry and discover how we could assist you. 

High-Quality Overhead Electricity Solutions

A partner you can trust. Mears delivers a range of overhead electrical services for projects across the United States. From pole and aerial cable installations to storm restorations, planning and installing residential distribution networks and more, Mears provides a full spectrum of services to the electric power industry. Our 24/7 emergency response services minimize downtime and lost revenue, while our expertise in storm hardening works to mitigate it in the first place. 

 Our people and equipment allow us to deliver these services across the United States. With more than 2,500 talented, dedicated employees and the backing of Quanta Services – the largest employer of skilled craft labor in the country – Mears has the reach and the capacity to take on projects of every size and scope. We’re proud to have North America’s largest fleet of specialized construction equipment, further expanding our capabilities and allowing us to self-perform 85% of work. 

As part of the Quanta family, we have access to additional support and expertise through our sister companies, allowing us to reduce project durations, mitigate operational and financial risks, and deliver a fully integrated service to our clients. 

Why Choose Mears for Your Overhead Electric Projects?

At Mears, we know that no two jobs are the same. Since 1970, we’ve understood that being an industry-leading infrastructure solutions provider means building the capabilities to solve the most complicated problems facing our customers, and doing it safely and reliably. 

Our focus on ongoing training ensures that our staff are constantly evolving to meet the emerging demands of the electric power industry. A unique approach to jobsite safety we call the Capacity Model allows us to absorb failure as and when it happens, minimizing the risk of injury or damage. That means fewer work stoppages, shorter project durations, and reduced costs for our clients. 

Discover How We Can Assist You

Start a conversation with our team to learn how a partnership with Mears could benefit your company, customers, and community. 


Q: What range of overhead electric services does Mears offer?

A: Mears provides a comprehensive range of professionally-delivered overhead electrical services across the United States. Our capabilities include pole installation and replacement, aerial cable maintenance and installation, preventative and emergency maintenance, and installation of transformers and capacitor banks, among others. 24/7 emergency response and storm restoration services work to minimize costly downtime and keep customers and stakeholders happy. With thousands of highly trained technicians operating out of more than 20 locations across the United States, Mears has the reach and the expertise necessary to make your organization’s next project a success, delivering our full range of services throughout the country. 

Q: Why should I choose Mears for overhead electric solutions?

A: With more than half a century of experience in infrastructure, Mears understands the pressures facing businesses in the electric distribution and transmission industry. Our skilled team has a proven track record for delivering the largest and most complicated projects safely, reliably, and efficiently, making us the preferred partner of some of the sector’s most significant players. Nationwide reach and strong, ongoing investment in training and equipment have given us niche capabilities that are simply unique in the industry. Combined with an approach to job site safety that prioritizes redundancy and minimizes the risk of harm, Mears gets the job done for our customers. Contact Mears to learn more about our capabilities. 

Q: How does Mears ensure the safety of its overhead electric services?

A: When it comes to safety, Mears is unique in the infrastructure industry. We think differently about what it takes to keep people on and around our job sites safe, using something we call the Capacity Model. It starts with understanding that people are fallible and that mistakes will happen – the difference is in making sure that these mistakes don’t result in harm. Through the Capacity Model, we strive to build sufficient redundancy into our processes so that errors are both less likely to happen and less likely to cause injury, allowing us to absorb events that would otherwise stop work or negatively affect output. Through this additional redundancy, we make sure that not only does everyone on a job site get to go home safely, we all get to learn from events and collaboratively work to ensure they don’t happen again.

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